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ISC Digital Strategy Conference | Thursday 30th November

Microsoft HQ, Reading

Frameworks and Fireworks

The ISC Digital Strategy conference will take place at Microsoft Headquarters on Thursday 30th November. Following the success of the 2016 conference, the focus of the day will have 3 main elements:

1) To establish where schools are

2) To provide an effective digital strategy that impacts on policy, pedagogy and technology in the learning environment.

3) To detail the Action Research Projects to collaborate on with our schools and technology partners, over the next academic year.

We invite you to contribute to the ISC Digital Strategy Survey, prior to the conference, to establish which Action Research project you may be interested in taking part in.

1. VR/AR
2. Analytics
4. Advanced Technology


For the first time we are offering a multiple ticket option, for schools to attend in groups to include Heads, educators and those responsible for developing the use of technology, to come away with a coherent plan that can be implemented in your school.

We also encourage both smaller schools and Prep schools to bring friends or colleagues from other schools for a reduced price, and take a collaborative approach to digital learning.


By attending this conference you will:

  • Contribute to Action Research

  • Be inspired by thought leaders

  • Understand best practice

  • Talk with leading suppliers about their latest and up and coming innovations

What is it for?

Society is undergoing a digital transformation more radical than the industrial revolution. Which schools will thrive and how will we prepare tomorrow’s leaders for this new era? Now more than ever, the world needs creative, innovative and entrepreneurial young people. How we can contribute to this conversation happening all over the world?

Target Audience

The event is aimed at Heads, Bursars, Deputies Educators & ICT Directors to share evidence-based best practice from around the world.

What delegates say

“Excellent overall, well organised “

 “Really excellent day. I felt it was a good mix of ‘big thinking’ and practical detail that we could take back to our schools, without getting bogged down in wondering what device to buy.”

 “An excellent event – great speakers, great venue, great networking”