Your feedback from the last conference was inspiring. Thank You. As a result, ISC Digital Strategy Group (ISC DSG) and Education Foundation (EF) want to create a user manual for senior leaders, teachers and governors on how to develop digital across the curriculum and transfer digital success between education institutions.

The guide would be used as tool for conversation, planning and implementing the use of technology to support teaching and learning and would also encourage the development of a learning network within schools and between schools to support the effective development of the use of digital across the curriculum.A close up of text on a white background Description automatically generated

Aims for The Schools’ Guide to Developing Digital

To help schools;

  1. Improve Teacher Workload through collaboration and more effective systems (up to 5 hours/week)
  2. Encourage collaboration to realise the potential of digital tools and co-authoring in schools
  3. Support the development of digital skills and approaches for “out of hours” school and lifelong learning
  4. Increase ROI and reduce TCO and ensuring we are able to quantify the elements of our Digital success

Developing the School IT ‘Six-Pack’ – The Schools’ Guide to Developing Digital

We are asking schools, EdTech companies and organisations to give us feedback on this Framework for developing digital elements and to get involved in the discussion to understand how to assess the success of each element against our 4 aims.

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What is next for us?

We will;

  1. Share this framework and consult as widely as possible to get your feedback
  2. Write Thought Pieces and create short films with Education Foundation to articulate the impact and value of this framework
  3. Continue to create and curate content on the ISCDigital website and invite schools to tell their stories
  4. Speak at conferences like Practice, Policy & EdTech March 17th & 18th and invite feedback
  5. Discuss developing the Community of Experts group working with the ANME
  6. Publish 2nd Edition of ISC_Digital Magazine and circulate at the ISBA Digital Strategy and Cybersecurity conference on March 27th
  7. Present progress and invite schools to get involved at ISBA Digital Strategy and Cybersecurity conference on March 27th
  8. Plan for November conference to build out collaboration and for feedback on progress for each Six-Pack element
  9. EdTech50 schools UK Reception at House of Lords May 8th
  10. Share EdTech50 at Cobis conference on May 13th and invite feedback on this framework

How can schools get involved to help?

  1. Give us feedback on this framework and our process – either come and talk to us at a conference or get in touch through twitter or the website to let us know what resources or support you need
  2. 5 tips for…. If you are pleased with something working well it doesn’t matter how small, write it up and share it so everyone can benefit. It would be easier for other to understand if you can put it in the format of 5 tips for …. e.g supporting teachers in the classroom or supporting teachers who lots of good ideas.
    We need to develop our framework so it can accommodate the nuances of the different types of schools and our different challenges for all elements of the IT ‘Six-Pack’.
    This is the only way all schools can more easily understand how IT can work more like electricity work
  3. Respond to blogs if you have used a resource or process to let others know what works and doesn’t
  4. Get involved with the Community of Experts – Bob Allen and Vaughan Connolly are going to create a regular digest of the anonymised practical intelligence within the Independent schools List server that can support and bring to life the School’s guide to developing Digital
  5. ISBA ran a survey 2018 and ISC Digital helped produce the Bursars’ IT “Six-Pack” as the response. 2/3 of schools thought that IT wasn’t providing value for money or safeguarding students. So if you are in this group of 1/3 of schools who are happy with their investment get involved to help the 2/3 who aren’t.

What is ISC_Digital doing?

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This picture shows what ISC Digital is doing to try to help transfer successful use of technology between schools