Tablet Academy works in partnership with Google, Microsoft & Specsavers to offer schools high-quality free training.

These are open to all schools in the UK and a FREE if you pass the criteria.

A summary with links to a web page of their current offerings with further information is included below.

Microsoft Refresh Programme 

This is available to any school in the UK who meet the criteria outlined online.  This would fund the Tablet Academy team to work with your school to review your current situation in order to create a roadmap for Microsoft 365 (not the same as Office 365) and provide initial training sessions free of charge. In practice with the pilot project last summer, the Tablet Academy have reviewed the IT provision in the school along with the teaching and learning using IT, as well as the school’s adoption of their Cloud strategy if one is in place. They are then provided with a strategy to help move the school forward to achieve their teaching and learning aims in effectively making use of Microsoft 365 and its impact on the school’s use of the cloud.  The Tablet Academy have completed some of these already with King’s Ely, Bedford School, Oswestry, Badminton, Benenden and other schools. But it is open to any independent school.

Microsoft 365 Technical Roadshow

These events would be appropriate for IT support staff in schools. New dates and locations will be added to this site over the coming months as we plan to cover the U.K. As well as attending an event, we are also interested in speaking with any school who would like to host an event. We are very keen to see if any independent school is willing to host.

Minecraft Education Edition

Free training days delivered at your school for 20-30 teachers focused on how to embed the use of Minecraft Education Edition within the curriculum. To qualify for the free support your school must have Microsoft 365 licensing or Minecraft EE licensing in place.

Microsoft Training Academy (MTA) 

Arrange a hands-on workshop for customers at Microsoft’s Office in Paddington, London or in special cases at the customers premises. The workshop is for key decision makers (up to 20 people) with content designed to demonstrate what is possible with Teams and Microsoft 365. This is open to any large independent school. A few have taken this up in the past but with the new emphasis on Teams and Microsoft 365 and how it changes how organisations function it is open to any large school or group of schools.

Google Digital Skills Workshops 

Free workshops for students aged 13+. Designed around Google G-Suite but focused on raising digital skills awareness amongst young people and teachers. This training tends to focus on real life use of their digital skills such as writing a cv or applying for a job.

Recommended for Lower 6th Form (Year 12) as well as 3rd/4th Form (Years 9/10) students.

Specsavers Festival of Vision

Every UK school is entitled to a free Specsavers vision kit, to apply follow the link on the above website. This festival is open to any school with Years 5-8 students (mostly Prep) who want to run an interesting STEM based event based on vision and also having some of their pupils screened on the day (we help train the Teaching Assistants or matrons). There are limited places in 10 regions across the UK including Scotland and Ireland. Any schools interested can contact David Fuller (see below). This is only taking part in a school with their pupils. So hopefully easy to organise.

If there is interest in any of these items then please contact David Fuller at the Tablet Academy ( or 07540 705010  and he will be in touch to discuss this further.

David Fuller  l  Principal Education Consultant

Microsoft Certified Educator  l  MIE Master Trainer  l Google for Education partner