An ISC community of experts, supporting and developing each other, making better use of resources and achieving impact, and transferable benefits. 


Good practice exists in all our schools, with many areas of specialism spread across schools.  Building on this, the ISC Digital strategy group exists to promote effective collaboration and build our community of experts.  We aim to ease workload by highlighting good practice, enabling learning from our peers, and bringing together relevant first-class content, research and networking opportunities, in ways that will benefit member schools and England’s wider educational community.

To achieve this mission, we plan to:

  • Host focused events 
  • Create opportunities to visit member schools 
  • Curate and summarise member discussions for wider circulation  
  • Facilitate research 

Activities in 2018

  • Meeting on Licencing and Intune and Autopilot @ ISC 
  • Afternoon conference @ Microsoft meeting key staff and discussing O365 
  • Teleconference with Paul Harris on Licencing  

Exemplar Resources

1:1 Devices – a review of the academic literature on what works, why projects failed and on the potential academic impact.  Click here to download 1-2-1

Example Digests

Click on the link to download the example digests

1-2-1 and BYOD and Printing and Printer Management