Sarah Jones

Sarah is an immersive storyteller, using 360 degree technology and virtual reality to bring together new forms of narrative. Sarah explores immersive experiential films as an art form to understand an environment and culture through being someone else in a virtual world.

​Sarah is listed as a global influencer in VR and co-founded VRGirlsUK. She has been described as a “virtual living pioneer” and a “virtual warrior adventurer” after spending 48 hours in VR, ending up wing walking whilst wearing a Gear VR.

Mobile Content Creators Show Podcast

In this edition of the Mobile Content Creators Show podcast, Sarah talks to Mark Egan about how virtual reality and 360-degree video are taking off.  She also gives tips on what apps and equipment to try and where Sarah sees virtual reality going in the future.


Connect on Twitter @VirtualSarahJ

Immersive Storyteller using multisensory & #360. Head of at . Apple Distinguished Educator. Ex-ITV/GMTV. Run

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