This overview slide shows what ISC Digital is trying to achieve to help transfer successful use of technology between schools.

  1. What is the general feeling about the investment in IT in the sector?

ISBA ran an IT survey 2018 and ISC Digital helped produce the Bursars’ IT “Six-Pack” as the response to 2/3 of schools stating that IT wasn’t providing value for money or safeguarding students.Which we have subsequently updated in consultation with the DFE and a variety of EdTech companies and Ty Goddard from the Education Foundation to create  a Schools’ Guide to Developing Digital.

So we are working to bring together resources to help these schools understand how IT could work more like electricity; accommodating the nuances of the many different types of schools.

How can we to bring together the collective intelligence in schools, EdTech companies and all our associated organisations to make it easier for all of us to collaborate on making sure technology enhances learning more easily and cost effectively?

We felt that specific individuals from schools writing up what they had done but also how they had gone about achieving their success would increase the chance of transferability of success.  You can see below that in the last year a wide variety of people have begun to contribute their stories to the site. We hope you find these helpful and it would be great if you have a story that could help others that you will share yours too.

  1. What are we trying to achieve in Schools?

This is a quote from Chris Lehmann of Science leadership Academy Philadelphia and author of Building School 2.0.

We just decided to make our comparison of Technology to electricity.

We have been working with many companies including Microsoft and Google to help schools enrich learning with technology.

I think our procurement Blog by Mark Budgen on setting the expectation for our relationships with companies and Steve Molyneux’s article of Tablet Academy on training are both particularly useful.

Ian Yorston spoke at AGBIS HMC conference at the BMA and I spoke at ResearchED at Durham school to invite people to get involved with creating Digital strategy Templates.  Here is my presentation.


  1. What are ISC Digital doing to help schools?

a) The Bursars’ IT “Six-Pack”

We wanted to break down IT challenges into 6 specific headings under which to best aggregate advice and stories to support schools.

b) Writing Blogs and the eNewsletter which profile schools and individuals with diverse responsibilities making a difference; aggregating and pointing to resources from good digital pedagogy and intelligence like the Blog by Cat Scutt and the profile of Andrew Storey at Dulwich college

c) Collaborating with;

  1. Education foundation to offer the #EdTech50 Schools awards. We are asking schools successfully using technology to help us to make their success transferable. We will categorise and share to make stories easy to find. Nominations are now open: 
  2. ISBA on producing the GDPR resource and organising their IT conference March 27th at the BMA, London and producing the GDPR Teacher Mantra. Also we have collaborated on a survey with Planet eStream.
  3. International organisations like ISTE to showcase their valuable resources and develop partnerships
  4. EdTech Companies on action Research projects like Think IT on GDPR, HP and SystemActive on Growth Headset, Microsoft on supporting Digital Strategy Growth headset – the final report
  5. Companies to create specific resources like the Digital strategy eBook with Commercial and the networking and onboarding resources with Mark Reynolds and Hable
  6. Directors of IT and EdTech Companies to create and validate Cloud Standards and Digital Strategy Template for all schools. Currently we are working with Sarah Williamson, Dr Neelam Parmar and a range of companies including Alan Hodgin from Rm to compile resources and good practice stories to help school break down and prioritise the challenge of making school IT work more like electricity
  7. EdTech companies to run conferences and organise events like “Sharing Good practice” at Google with C-learning and the Digital Strategy event coming up with Commercial at Leighton Park school in February 2019




  1. Is this the right approach when so many other organisations are sharing good practice already?

We are looking to collect stories of successful use of technology to enhance learning and aggregate resources that might help us all.

Our next step will be to ask senior leaders from schools at the conference and virtually to feedback on the resources we have created and our plan.  We need to make sure that we have understood what we were asked to do and make sure what we are doing is still relevant to the sector and other schools.

  1. How can you get involved to help?

  1. Give us feedback either at the conference or virtually on what resources or support you need.  A short form will circulated at the conference but will also be available on ISCDigital
  2. Do something well it doesn’t matter how small, write it up and share it so everyone can benefit.
  3. Respond to or write a blog if you have used a resource or process so we can let others know it works.
  4. Get involved with Independent schools List server – Bob Allen and Vaughan Connolly are going to help us to create a regular digest of the anonymised practical intelligence within this valuable resource that can support and bring to life the Digital Strategy Template.