So, I cruised the floor at AWE today and it was pretty good but watching some of the VR demos being given… we have work to do to teach people how to give VR demos still. Can I rant without naming names?

Don’t grab people. Ask permission if you’re gonna touch them or fix the straps on their head. Be there to protect them if they are going to fall or bump into things but other than that, don’t touch people in VR without permission. It’s disconcerting.

Don’t yell at people while they are in VR. yeah, it’s loud but don’t yell, get closer and talk to them normally. Better yet, take your time and tell them what they need to know before you put on the HMD. Better yet, design experiences that don’t need instruction.

Talk to them BEFORE you start the VR experience. Maybe this is their first time in VR and it wouldn’t hurt to describe what a VR experience is. MOST people still haven’t tried VR. Many are a little bit anxious about it. Be a good ambassador of VR.

2018-06-07T14:45:15+01:00June 7th, 2018|VR and AR in education|0 Comments
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